Mr. Plant Head (update Jan. 8, 2003)

A couple days ago I decided to try modelling a human head. I used the tut’l on the Elysiun tut’l pages. the technique is to sketch the head with curves, then make the actual head, vertext by vertex, face by face. here’s my first head:
but then I thought the skin looked kinda like wood, then got some strange ideas into MY head, and made this:
It’s a head in a Bonsai pot!! :slight_smile: (wait, Bonsai is the little tiny japanese trees, right?)
The flower on top and roots on the bottom are part of the head mesh. I still can’t model ears… :frowning:
I think it needs a whole scene, but not sure. some ideas I’m tossing around are a garden, a forest, or a hydroponics shelf… probably won’t have the time to do any :frowning: but we’ll see.


The head definitely needs some work. Not that I can model a head, but I think you know what I mean. I’m not trying to be a dick here, but there is definite room for some improvement. It is better than I have doe, so don’t take my opinion to heart.

The oinly other problem is that there are no shadows at all? Did you add some spot lights to make shadows?

The bonsai image is cool, but needs the shadows to make it that much better.

For the texture on the skin, use a cloud procedural with a slighty darker tone than the one you used as the base material. It will make it look much better.


well it’s the hardest thing i’ve ever modelled so far, and it was fun but took too long. that’s what I turned my head into a plant! it’s ok if it’s less real, infact, only makes it cooler IMO, but I don’t know if i will have the time again to do more heads. anyone know if the HeadMaker plugin is any good?

no splotlights = no shadows. will add one later.

I think I may keep the skin texture for now, since that is what inspired me to make it a plant in the first place.

Being a big Dali and Escher fan, i think the plant image just totally rocks. Bonus points for being resourceful with a model that didnt quite work.

It so needs a scene like on a table with some gardening implements and a nice shaft of sunlight, itd look great.

That´s a very innovative concept! Not quite realistic face, but hey, a face is about the hardest task ever for a 3d-artist, so don´t get sad. Very scary pic with the flower growing out of the head and all. shivers Keep up the good work!

Nice, but it could use some better lighting.
Maybe some moody, scary lighting.

thanks for the feedback everyone! :slight_smile:

I tried working on lighting today and decided to add a small table. I added the cubicle around the planthead just so I could see the shadows and the effects of the lights, I don’t plan on keeping the cubicle (unless someone can suggest something cool to do with it).
Things that probably would have made the original head better:
-ears! (I could have bailed and just done Shrek ears, but that would have been too easy. any good tut’ls on ears? :wink: )

will definitely check out the makeHead plug in as soon as I get the chance.

Here’s one image:

here’s another one, the lighting is a little different, and you can see the shadows, don’t know why they look so crappy though… :frowning:

make a little wider space for it… and add some heavier shadows…(there are no shadows under the head or the pot) that way you get more mood for it, and as you put it “doesnt look so crappy”. :slight_smile: the concept is good, and modelling too… face could use some work, but not necessary, you can fix that with the proper lighting too…

only part I really dislike are the legs of that pot… they dont seem to touch the ground, and are bending really strangely.


Here’s the latest on the Plant Head being…
I have started work on the forest background, got rid of the table and pot. Camera and lighting still the same (I will work on it). I am having trouble with the mound the head is on. I want the area under the head and flowers to be greenish, then SLOWLY fade to the brownish soil material. Is there any way to merge (or soemthing) two materials on the same mesh?
as usual, comments, crits, sugg’ns welcome :slight_smile:
Hopefully, this will be complete by the end of the weekend.

Work some on the shadows so you get darkness inside the head, maybe use a negative light.
For the mound try playing with the blend texture, I’d probably skip trying to put them in the same mesh and use the blend tex as alpha map to fade the upper mesh out… but that might give some messy shadows if you want to put spots low enough for the mound to cast shadows, otherwise you could just not make the upper mesh traceable.
Good job on the modelling, what it needs most I think is a bit nicer lighting.

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