Mr. Plinkett's House

Oi! So, I finished my first actual scene made in Blender, featuring RedLetterMedia’s set from “Half in the Bag”. I learned a LOT doing this, and I had plenty of fun with it!

I used blender for pretty much everything, only using fSpy to help the initial blocking and scaling, and Adobe’s Lightroom for little retouching of colors and contrast.


You’re a HACK!!


Well done. You should put it on twitter and let mike and jay see it. They would love it.

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Thanks, bud!

Beautiful! You’re doing well! Keep it up!
But be careful with alcohol, it’s a tempting poison :grin:

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Perhaps also a few remarks… I would certainly make the door twice as thick, I’ve never seen such a thin door.
And I would let the brick wall contrast more with the interior. Either darker, like in an alley, or much brighter, like the outdoors you see through the window.
Other than that, I think it’s very nicely done! Especially for a beginner!!! Good work!

It’s an interior set from a youtube show. It’s supposed to look cheap. The brickwall is probably just a printout.

If anything the set looks too clean.