Mr President B.Obama

Here is a work modeling about B.Obama Character.

Works to do :

  • Finish the modeling, the ears in détails.
  • Add hairs with particles.
  • Detach more the ears from the face.


here is the next images of the working.

With a modification of the skin’color to be more “black” with a SSS skin2.
Add of a top clothing also.

To do ; The ears will be more detached from the face.
And finish the détails of the neck and throat zone.

Real eyes willl be added with spheres, and hairs with particles.


Post them in only one thread.
You can’t go on creating new threads for every post.

why would you start a whole new thread just to update your progress? i’m sure this is illegal

Please don’t have multiple threads for the same subject. Threads merged.

I’ve tried to post next images in the same thread, without succes ( the next pictures did not appears and i didn’t know how to do ).
It’s why i have created a new thread.

Thanks for the moving in the same post.