i didnt wanna make a new topic but i could not find a ppt so here it is

its my second car in blender and, well it better than my first :-?

i just need some help with random thing that could be wrong with the mesh and other things

hope its not to bad :frowning: i just wanna learn :wink:

thanks Tom

Looks good so far…How about using ‘Set Smooth->Auto Smooth’?

i have but teh normals arent the best i got to work on my poly placement first

this is and older one iam goin to mess around with teh degree on auto smooth

Maybe a little bit subsurf would work? Like… 1?

Other than that, looks great. :stuck_out_tongue: My first car is still unfinished, hehe %|


if you have problems with autosmooth , you could try using the split function in editmode, just select some faces and press y (in editmode ofcourse). Experiment with it first, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick :slight_smile:

This way you can manually control the shading. On the downside, subsurf doesn’t work with this method very well %|. If you make a mistake with the splitting, just use remove doubles on the faces to merge them back into the rest of the model.

BTW, your model looks pretty good :wink:

thanks for the advice

i just been try them both, it make the model look alot better :slight_smile:

but it still need works


sorry for the double post
i put it together tonight so here it is i will subsurface and have a look into the smoothing stuff tomorrow for tonight iam done :slight_smile:

C & C plz

It looks good, and you did the correct thing by starting a new topic. Anytime you start a new project, and you want to post on it, you should start a new topic. If you posted your images in someone elses thread, they might actually get miffed at you.

what are you hinting at modron?