Mr. Snippy


maybe some of you know the webcomic “Romantically Apocalyptic”.
Mr. Snippy is probably the character I like best, and I started to model his mask a few months back, but never used it until now.
When I was at home during christmas, I made a photo of myself while walking in the woods, planning to use it as a background for the mask.

Rendered with LuxRender.
Rendering time: 5 minutes on an AMD 7970
Engine: Path OpenCL
Resolution: 3264x4326 (downscaled for this forum of course)
Postpro & Compositing: Photoshop


Btw. this is the original rendering and the AOVs/passes I used:

And I suggest using right click -> open in new tab to view the first image, as the compression/sharpening of this forum is pretty horrible :wink:

edit: added clay render:

It’s very nice (I share to our page :…
hey can you share some material setup… because I also have amd and i think learning lux render is good for me…
Or some useful tutorials :smiley:

OMG this looks real… well merged … Nice job…


The materials are not that complex, mostly mixes of 2 or 3 materials. I used textures I photographed myself, some are from cgtextures.
Pretty much every aspect of the materials is textured, diffuse, specular, roughness, bump and of course the mix factor between materials.

Another thing I use often is materials mixed with Null (completely transparent material), that’s how I added the dirt layer on the glass, the ice layer in front of that and the worn rubber around the aluminium.
Here’s a screenshot:

I used the very latest development version of LuxRender and LuxBlend (I’m a LuxBlend developer), so sadly some of the features I used are not even available to end users right now.

Absolutely incredible modelling, materials and rendering.

I am still thinking you are fooling us with a picture! :smiley:

It is amazing… the materials, how you cared about every tiny detail, the wet hairs, the snow. Just amazing man! Really great job, congratulations!

@B.Y.O.B: I would love to know more about snow modelling. It looks really great.

@Bernardo: Read carefully description :slight_smile:

Wonderful work ! excellent !!!

Great work! The mask and photo are blended nearly perfectly. This is going on the top row for sure.

DAAANG… I feel a bit ashamed :smiley:

I guess I worked too much today. Ok… the work is still amazing, the mask looks great. Still… that jacket, that fur… it was too much indeed :smiley:

Sorry Bernardo, maybe I should have been more specific in the description.

These are the objects I used as snow (distributed by a particle system):

I’m using a mix between Null and Archglass as material with a high scattering interiour volume (SSS). The “glittering” effect is produced by the reflecting Archglass.

Crazy man I love it. how did you layout the frost to spin around the glass like that?

Just UV mapping:

this image is incredible! I hope you deserve stay on top row!

Great render

I dont read Romantically Apocalyptic but i am familiar with the artist, Vitaly Alexius. His digital paintings are crazy. Your set up inspires me to look into Luxrender as i too have a 7970.

Superb detail. very inspiring.

Excellent work thank you for sharing how you achieved a lot of the look :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind words, much appreciated!
This may not be my first work done in Blender, but it was certainly the first time I had this much fun creating materials.

I would advice you to wait for the first weekly builds after the release of Lux 1.4 then. There are many new features and bugfixes that are currently only available when compiling from source.
At the moment, everything is a bit in flux due to fast development and missing documentation, but I hope that the process will get easier to use and more transparent for the end user once 1.4 is out and the first weekly builds of 1.5dev are released.
Also, be sure to use the new LuxCore mode in LuxBlend. I’m currently working on the documentation here:

Amazing render :slight_smile: