Mr. Snowman


Here’s my latest Artwork!
The Project wasn’t only the Picture! I am rendering out a short 3D Animation! This Movie will follow in a few hours, when all Frames are rendered!

Blender is my Hobby since October '13. So not that long time, but i am trying my best to learn more and more!

Hope you like my Project!


Here’s my Animation! Camera not perfect, but all in all i love it _

I really like the animation! I loved how dynamic the camera was! Great job!

Thank you very much!

wow great animation! :smiley: simple but well done :slight_smile: I agree about the camera being good, I also like the snow material, but I think it could be more realistic if the snow balls werent so roundish where they are put together… Eh I’m not so good in english to tell this as I want it to - here is an example

Great result. But you obviously followed a tutorial by theAgenZasBrothers
And you should give credit to the creator of it.

i already gave credits on my facebook page. the youtube channel isn’t hosted by me, so i can’t change anything there!
I am in good contact with the AgenZasBrothers Team. It’s ok! They know my work already

in my opionion, the snowballs should be overlapping, that always happens when i build snowmen. if its condensed snow, i can imagine it would look like that though!
nice render, but the snow seems a little too bumpy…
not bad! :):););):D:D

ohh really good one i like the animation its cool