Mr. Tauran

Hey guys It’s been a while so I decided to start up a new project. I’ve got about 6 hours on it so far and I’m pleased with the progress. I’ve wanted to model and animate my Tauran for quite some time, so here is what I have so far. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

Yep good start. The head area looks good, but the arms could still do with some more tweaking.

Thanks Sornen. The head is the only thing I’ve really spent any time on so far. the rest is just ruffly mapped out to my referenc pic. I’ll start working my way down with detail now. I do plan on covering him with armor so I may not go into complete detail with all of the body since alot of it will be covered.

Another small update. added some detail to the nose, some simple eyes and the beginning of teeth.

put a dent in the middle of the nose ridges to make it look more like two nostols instead of just a big bunch of skin. Also, the eye brows could use some more detail as well. Looking really nice so far. B)

Looks Great. Add some textures and bumpmapping and your set.

Did some mroe work on the nose and brow. I also did some work the the base fur mesh. I plan on UVing the face, but for now he has a furry face.

My only suggestion would be to change his teeth so he looks less like a carnivore. He is a giant cow afterall. :wink:

Lookin good.

I havent decided how I want to do the legs so I’m leaving them for a bit. I did some work on the gauntlets… suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Well here is the latest update… textures on the armor are temporary… mostly working on modeling atm.

That gaunlet and shoulder pad look very cool. Rendered in YafRay? Your minotar looks awsome, also.

Thanks henrymop. Thats actually just the standard internal renderer with AA.

Would be nice to see straps that held on that paldron. Also, the lower portion looks a bit much, would inhibit left right rotation in a fight. Perhaps make the lower half into sections that overlay each other, with leather straps that weave though it to hold it together. May just be temporary but I really would rather see a metalic finish on the paldron then a marble or stone appearance. It seems that you still have yet to stick your two halfs of the body together, would be nice to see that finished. The biggest thing that bothers me though of the whole thing is the blue eyes. Would look much better if it were a warmer color, red, orange, yellow, or a mix there of. Overall though this is a very cool Tauran. Do you plan to animate or use for stills? Keep at it, I’ve been enjoying seeing all the toys you give him (paldron, guantlets, etc.).

One thing that I think would look cool is a nice nose ring through one nostrol and out the other like normal bulls get. But perhaps more ornate.

Khnum: THANK YOU! LoL I’ve been waiting for a “real” comment since originally posting this. I totally agree with you on all accounts except the eyes, though the color is not final. They will be Blue, but more dark and grey. The armor atm is just a dupe of that part of the torso atm. Leather, buckles and refinement to come. The BP will be changed here tomarrow probably. I’m creating this character for my character animation class, so by December I should have him animated, though I’ll be doing the animation in 3DSMax.

Well, I have the helmet modeled. I’m pretty pleased with it, but I’m open to suggestions.

The basic shape is great, perfectly formed to fit him. Only thing I think it’s lacking is any kind of finish detailing. Not sure if your planning to do that with UV mapping or not. I would suggest some edge detailing, perhaps some inlayed pattern, some protrutions like nubs or spikes, things of that nature. Also, perhaps some sort of restraint system for the helmet, either by locking the helm to the horns or though straps of some kind.

Do you plan to make his eyes glow, would be really cool since you can’t see his face any more due to shadow cast.

Latest update.

the textures look pretty good. but you should really sdjust the specular…and if some of those parts are metal…maybe a little reflect ?

Nehpets Thanks for the advice. I agree… atm, the armor textures still have a way to go. I’m trying to decide what I want to do with them exactly… been thinking of doing UV, and I’m still bouncing around ideas. Thanks for the input.