MR. T's amazing adventure

hello here is MR. T’s amazing adventure a small learning project started by me.
the concept is like super Mario world but in which you can upgrade your character (speed, jump, health?)
the main character is MR T he is a letter T with eyes, hat and a moustache with a giraffe texture. his main enemies are penguins who are adept at wielding guns

the setting at the begening is abandoned warehouse that serves as a base to the local Crimelord penguin, who has taken something very precious from MR T
he has to fight trough countless troop to reach the boss using his superior jumping skills

—future ideas—
-have Mr T steal the hats of previous Bosses to gain special abilitys
-use gold coins to upgrade Mr T’s mustache each level making him stronger(more hp/and speed with the last level making him be able to use it as wings for a double jump)

  • ShotGun penguin with cowboy hat
  • desert eagle penguin with afro
  • some sort of turtle enemy


  • Completed clean up of the code

  • Modeled/Textured/Riged first Boss

  • coded rocket launcher with homing rockets

  • movement system(move, jump, wall jump)

  • start, gameover, shop menus ( shop menu need’s more things to buy)

  • 2 enemy model and very basic AI

  • collectables coins

  • basic HUD

  • Health bars

  • Knockback from damage

  • 1/3 of an inventory system (unused)


  • fix gun aiming
  • code in Boss Behaviour(curently only shoots at you if he can see you)
  • Animate penguin models using the same armature as the boss penguin
  • Design first Level(warehouse)
  • redesign menus

specials thanks to :

solarlune for a good tutorial

current Team menbers
poboivin – scripting – modelling --project leader

anyone who wants to contribute just pm me with what you can help with

Interesting game, i assume that apart from a texture artist and an animator you do not need anyone else?

well if someone else wanted to help there would be no problems

I wouldnt mind doing the story.

good you are on the team so just pm me when you have some of the story and i will see what needs to be added to make it

i also need to know how good you are at blender, because it relates back to the story e.g evironment.


nice track you got in the background of the video, what is it?

the track is kirby gourmet race remix by ephixa i will be posting a new video later today to show the enemies i think the setting for the first chapter/level/episode should be in the artic or the tundra seeing as the enemies are penguins

how are you planning to make the world? is it going to be a GUI kind of thing or just for the character to see where they’re going?

it would be some kind of gui map to show the player where his mission is taking him.

but if you have a better idea i am open to suggestions

Ive watched your new video, try making the blocks rigid, so T cant jump through them like he did in the game, but other than that it looks like a really good start. Where are you planning to make the world map? Ill also show what ill be doing exactly.

What I’ll be doing as a story-maker:

  • I’ll be introducing how to strengthen the character development i.e potion shop for :eek:health, weapons.
  • Dialogue with shopkeepers, friends, and enemies i.e if he needs to trespass someones land.
  • Clues for the character in the game, I’m hoping to use treasures.
  • Introduce different kind of enemies on different levels, and also he may need certain capabilities to overcome them e.g for zombies he may need a certain type of weapon.
  • Background information from other people in the game world.

they normaly are rigid i just made them to be like that. so i can make him not be able to jump through them now i am curently redoing most of the code to use modules so its easier to add more enemies.

no comments on my last post?
and what about this Q I posted earlier?

How are you going to make the world map and where?

your last post sounds pretty good for me and i want to make the world kind of like this so it would be kind of like a map at the same time with the levels shown on it

Is that a reference image or did you make it? it looks good for this project anyway. BTW your character T has some disadvantages: if i introduce a weapon like a gun or sword how is he going hold it? he doesnt have any hands.

and also i recommend you change that ‘jump’ setting youve got, what you should do instead is add a new key e.g ‘z’, to do a high jump or something, since you dont usually find these kind of settings you can choose in any game, other than that its good.

no that is a screen shot for super mario world so basically all the yellow/red dots are a different level. i was originally planing to add a medical lab to the upgrade screen and each upgrade he would get a shot. so maybe for weapons he could take some different color pills and each would give him a diferent power

so for the jump should be just a regular jump and lets say if you do like shift spacebar you do a charge jump ?

since there’s not much to animate it seems here- I’ll help with animation…

if you could make an animation for the main chararters one for in the air and a standing animanion in wich he look dicectly at the camera

FINALLY we’re getting more views everyday and someone has finally joined. For T to do a charge jump just make it one letter on the keyboard, and yes i agree with the potions i already had that in mind, shall i make up names for potions and weapons i the weapon-shop?
the only problem is can you make that potion come to effect?