Mr. Turtle

Havnt posted anything in a while! So hi! Just a Turtle I threw together. Crits?:smiley:

:[… Anybody?

i like the detailed spikes on the outer edge of the shell
i hope you get a nice render to gether
the expression on his face is …bright but could use some work on the lips maybe also there are tonails missing form the feet pads

Its a really nice model. I realize you’re going for a cartoony look, but, he looks really top-heavy. Like there’s no bulk in his arms or legs and it looks like he’s got little stumps at the end of his arms and legs so that when he tries to stand up he’ll just fall back over. I’m not a big fan of long-neck turtles but to each his (or her) own, and I really like the size and shape of the shell.

nice model

@Klorine: Thanks for the tips! But I had planned to keep the feet simple, no toes.
@dtrawi00: Yeah you’re right. I’ll work on the hands and feet :]
@suff: Thanks bud!

Any better?:confused:

I think the head is a bit too far forward,otherwise nice job!

Fixed the neck and added some chest detail

Cool turtle, he kinda’ reminds me of a turtle in a book named Franklin, I think he was afraid to get in his shell because he was afraid of the dark. Is this going to be animated?

Yeah probubly. Texturing next, then a rig. I plan on doing some test animations afterward. Thanks guys. I’ll keep you updated.