Originally made as an UV mapping test, I liked the way he looked and was too lazy to work on it anymore. I used a texture I found on the HD as the basic and uv mapped it, then added some more layers of noisy stuff. One of my ugliest works really, made it just for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C welcome.


One of your ugliest works??!?!?

can you say scag!

ugly is right!

I took of his hat and glasses. Hes even more uglier now! :smiley:



but ugly.

The head in general is great.

The comments Iโ€™d make is that the ear lobes are a bit strange and plastic-like. The eyes donโ€™t look terribly real - a bit 2D I guess.

And both the hat and the glasses are better off gone I think.

The earrings look a bit too white.

The inside of the mouth is a little too light. It should probably be a bit darker in there.

But I have to say that I love the skin texture, the basic head modelling, the eyebrows, the lips, the nose.

Iโ€™m looking forward to the day that I can do something like this. :smiley:


I agree. You did a great job on the unwrap and then the colour map is superb. Great job.

Could use a specular map to make his lips, point on his nose and his eye lids look a little more wet/oily.

Nice work all around.