MS is way to funny

Did you guys notice that recently there were a lot of TV ads for MS new smart phones?

Kin One and Two are now after 6 weeks trashed. LOL They just sold 10.000 objects.

Who do they hire as designers and product managers at MS. They seem all
to be completely incompetent.

It’s not so much as who they hired, so much as who they’re getting rid of. There was big news about two months ago or so, when Microsoft fired their two top executives of their gaming and entertainment division. The primary reason was exactly this, that although the 360 and PC markets were great, they totally bombed on the mobile and hand-held market.

Back when Apple first jumped into the mobile market with huge success, everyone panicked and there was a definite spot to jump in before it was too late. Google was smart and did so, and although Apple started the real race, Google quickly caught up. Microsoft never did, and now it might even be too late.

I do wonder though, how much did the advertising campaign cost, was it even more than it cost to develop the phones?

That is very right.

It just doesn’t click with me how a company so rich and capable in getting the right minds
fails so clumsy.

The phones were even running a special win CE version themed to look like win7.
So you get a product out without the OS yet?

Apple is such a small company but it amazes me how much they are more successful in
placing their products than Giants like Google or Microsoft.

two thing cek, gates turned over the company to balmer, who probably wont be there much longer. perhaps the board can talk gates into comming back.

apple isn’t small, infact they are larger than microsoft as of 3 weeks ago. you arestill thinking of appleas mac, which apple may be discontinueing. apple is now all the i stuff like ipod, iphone, and itablet. infact ios was all jobs talked about at e3, he didn’t even mention mac once.

You just answered your own question. History repeats itself.

Too many cooks in the kitchen. Lack of focus.

The problem here with MS’s mobile/hand held/mp3 devices, is that they waited too long to enter the market. The products would have been fine years ago, but now they have fallen behind a bit, and they are going to struggle to catch up.

The Zune HD is a great device, but it launched about 2 years too late. It’s a single function device, in an era where that concept is outdated. The mainstream now carries around multifunction devices which are mp3 players, cameras, phones, and other things all wrapped in a tiny box. Despite being a good product, it had limited appeal in the multifunction device era.

So Windows Mobile 7 / WP7 is part of catching up to that market. They now have the multi function devices with great dev tools. But this new market is much more competitive. I expect them to fumble a few times. In 2 or 3 product generations, they will have a mobile phone / multi-function device product on par with the market leaders.

Hey Cekuhnen, this is not the Kin, but it’s another thing made by Microsoft.

Turns out that the Kinect system really was overhyped like heck (as if it was the greatest interactive hardware of all time and miles above everything else) and now people are seeing the device actually does have limits.:yes:

Seems like where Microsoft is going (and early indications that Windows 8 is going to be even shinier than Windows 7 instead of pared down visuals for performance), I guess the reason why I use Windows now is because I have to, I wish the Ubuntu devs. would really get moving and give a graphical interface to everything that you can access in WinXP. (and see if WINE will support Mixcraft 5 with good performance.)

Let’s focus on something more important here, namely, the spelling of the thread title.
To funny or not too funny, that is the question!

The Kin is still selling in the US but not in Europe.
Microsoft is developing their new phone software and has decided to wait until they can have a phone that runs it.
They at least got everyone’s attention that they are getting into the phone game so now when their new phone comes out, people will notice.
If their future phones have nice video games like Windows has, that will be awesome.