Ms Pac-man

Your work is excellent showcase of what can be done with simplest of models if one has clear design idea (and excellent command of texturing, lights and composition). Great work! 5* from me, well deserved!

Great work again! I like the mood of your illustrations allot.
Five stars.

One of those pictures where u look at and think “wtf… it looks great but WTF” :slight_smile:
I love it

You know, I just love this picture … and I just don’t.

The characters, themselves, are absolutely terrific: they ooze style and personality. But, where’s poor Ms. PacMan in all this? Compositionally she’s almost not there at all: half the size (or less) of the goons, not really threatening nor defensive, not really doing anything at all. Hardly something that the goons would be so afraid of…

So, I think you’ve really pegged-it with the goons, but the Missus simply isn’t there-yet. It’s not a rendering-and-execution thing, but rather composition and cinematography: that aspect is just lacking, somehow… it’s not yet what I know it could be. I just don’t know (until I see it, of course) what will make me shout, “That’s it!!” :smiley:

A clip from this, though, might well be a good candidate to replace Poor Pluto on the headline-bar of this site. It’s that good.

Thanks again for the replies, its good to hear nice things:D

Yes I think the composition can be tweeked, and I thinkIi would like a more marine type look to the pac-men, butI think I’ll use the ideas I have for a new image rather than this one.

Awesome work! i really like it!

Moved to the gallery.


I really love the work, you are a very talented artist. If you wouldn’t mind, do you want to enter your work or others you may have in my website’s art contest? I run the Projects & Artworks website at and I desperately need support and feedback to the community. If you enter your artworks in the contest they will be put up in the gallery with your name and it would really help draw some attention to my site. Visit my site for more information. Thank you!

P.S. I love the whole meta-theme and the hinges on the pac men =P

I absolutely love the stylized version of the pacman characters you have going on here. It is AWESOME! It’s the kind of thing you see on the subway or on the side of a bus or in a magazine ad. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the end!!!

VERY awesome! This is so rad! I love your texturing, and just the overall style. I had to go back and look at the rest of your past work. Very sweet. Keep it up!

Absolutely SWEET!

I love the idea of a futuristic version of an old game. A very good revival of one of the worlds greatest games.

Thanks guys

just made a load of desktop wallpapers available in a variety of screen sizes ms pac-man wallpapers


I like this picture very mucht, textures and shading are awsome. Colors fit together and i like the composition!
well done!

That’s so awesome!

Looks great. I love the ghosts.

Huh? I don’t get it…