MS Paint goes Blender

I don’t think there’s much left to say, just watch the screenshot:

This is supposed to be the new MS Paint in Windows 7. Isn’t it innovative? :RocknRoll:

looks 7x better than the old one. But not that blenderish. Blender looks 7x more pro.

I think he’s referring to the new ribbon menus… and they’re in the new Office too.

typical work day at microsoft’s R&D department

Why anyone would waste their time with MS Paint is beyond me. is soooooo much better.

Do a search for the MS Paint video by Freeloveforum. It’s a classic. is getting a massive overhaul as well, have you checked what’s being done for version 4?

No, I haven’t heard. What’s changing? Any chance of a Linux version?

There’s a little link on the side of the page labled ‘Blog’, Click on that to get the latest news about’s development.

from :
The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes.
in other words, a linux port is very less likely to be possible

Dyf, roofoo was talking about as mentioned by CD in the previous post. just letting you know.

thre is a linux port, for mono (linux version of .net)

Does er keepin’ aliased?

It kind of looks like the newer Microsoft word, it has the same layout

No thanks! I’m not putting that on my machine. :no:

BTW, when you recommend Mono to people, you should also mention that it is the demon-spawn of that Microsoft/Novell witchcraft…

I see zero resemblance

It’s genius. Copy someone else’s work and sell it with a famous name. You no longer even have to think for yourself. Now that’s sweet.:cool:

Not saying they copied anything though… >_>

haha, yea, i will never use that kind of thing, gimp ftw :smiley:

GIMP. I’ll check out Wht was the original topic by the way? :smiley:

If I switch to Windows Classic will it go back to being the good version of MS Paint? :smiley: