MS Paint goes Blender

“Our world can finally go fully digital now”

I hope the new paint has a history of more then 3 ctrl+z’s
Funny story about crtl+z’ing, I was in my vis com class last week and I made a mistake on my drawing so I actually went to press ctrl+z >< Stupid tablet.

I do that when i have to write something by hand and mess up

Microsoft’s .net and C# is my bane. Goto your local bookstore (Borders may not be affected by this new trend, I haven’t checked…) and you will find a TON of .net and C# books, but very very few pure C or C++ books anymore. One of the stores by me had literally three books on C++, all of them basic “Hello World!” beginners books (two of them were different versions of the same “for dummies” books…). There were two shelves full of C#, .net and VB books.

Things like that bother me a lot. I can understand why Microsoft doesn’t want Paint to be a huge app or anything. I mean, they could blow most packages out of the water if they really wanted to. They don’t because if they did make it bad-ass and supplied it with windows, all of these other developers would switch to just Mac or Linux and stop supporting them. That would be bad. For them, at least…

It’s always been like that, very few books about C/C++, and a lot about scripting and basic languages. At least, ten years ago it was.

Amazon, dude :wink: yeah you have to wait for shipping but you have to wait like… a day or two? Just order it two days before you want it and you’re good! :smiley:

Check the new cs4 out.

It has some blender workflow.

Edit: That guy seems to not have used photoshop since the photoshop 3 LE version. Half the stuff he says are already there in CS3.

from reading only:
free rotatable canvas, greater levels of zoom.
I know I’ve posted for a free rotatable canvas quite a few times on various forums. Can you also scroll/zoom with mmb now? I can’t see the vid over here…