MS Research. Hypocritical?

I just read this thread:

How can MS be employing so many PhD candidates and still not be pumping out original ideas? This article can’t even list one!

I am curious, does anyone know of anything truly original that Microsoft has ever produced? I honestly can not think of one thing.

For example:

  • GUI - Xerox did that first
  • Direct3D - SGI’s OpenGL did that first
  • Spreadsheet - Visi did that first
  • 3D accelerated user interface - Apple did that first, then XGL…
  • etc. etc. etc.Is there anything significant that Microsoft Research has contributed to the IT community? It seems to me like it is just wasting someones time and money.

Flamewar incoming at 12 o’clock…

.NET framework. Kerberos?

I don’t know, it’s hard to figure out what they stole (which appears to be pretty much everything at this point), and what they actually developed on their own.

I do know that the “overall software” is usually microsoft’s specialization (if you can clasiffy that as innovation). They basically use the standards developed through all these other organizations/corporations and they put them to use in an actual application.