MsMsgs--annoying and greedy

I have a problem: the process “msmsgs” is hogging quite a bit of memory from my pc, causing a noticeable slowdown, until I end it, which makes the pc noticeably faster. However, within 30-40 seconds, msmsgs will restart by itself. I can find no way to get rid of this sucker, I’m not using ms messenger for anything at all, its not even open!

How can I get rid of this permanently?

Are you feeling lucky?

Kill it!

hmm, aren’t msg’s dangerous preservatives found in meats? having them made by microsoft would make them even more lethal…

seriously, with any luck you should be able to stop it from restarting, either by uninstalling it while in safe mode, or by using an application that modifies the system’s app startup list. or possibly, it’s been taken over by some kind of malicious software, in which case i suggest running some adware removers. if that doesn’t work, just sit back and curse my name forever. problems like this are normally temporary (at least in my past experience), and may have a simple (if not brutal) solution. good luck.

Thanks a ton! I didn’t google it for reasons unbeknownst to even to myself…oh well, we all have stupid moments. =/