MSN Messenger & Hotmail

Is it true that in the summer, MSN Meaaenger and Hotmail will be closing down?

is it true you lost your mind? :wink:

or they will come up with a new combined product which will take over existing accounts.

Yup, MSN the pay version. Now with DRM support :frowning:

actually it’s called windows live messenger, it seems to offer a new interface with more advertisements

not sure if it has new features

No, they were both over years ago.

yet another victim of this stupid thing.

ok so if i am correct, you received an email looking something like

>>hey everyone,
>>i dont normally send this sort of stuff out but had a look on the
>>internet and its actually true . On the 1st of november , we will have to
>>pay for the use of our MSN and email accounts unless we send this message
>>to at least 18
>>contacts on your contact list. It's no joke if you don't believe me then
>>to the site ( ) and see for
>>yourself. Anyways once you've sent this message to at least 18 contacts ,
>>your msn dude will become blue. please copy and paste don't forward cos
>>people won't take notice of it

well, click on that link, you go to bbc. yes it is a legiimate story. but, its dated november of 2001. worse yet is the related stories. the one that looks like
millions fall for hotmail scam

long story short, its fake.

I thought it was just a stupid chain letter, but i just wanted to make sure.

Never, ever, ever believe what you get in chain letters.

Chain letters are the most irritating form of spam.

How could you even believe it for a second?
Forward this to 18 people so that you won’t have to pay?