MSN Messenger Trouble...

The other day my messenger signed me out and I can’t sign back in again. It has signed me in twice when i asked it, but thats after trying about 50 times in a day lol. It has igned me in so theres nothing wrong with my internet settings and im always online:confused: I tried loads of things off the internet like registering some DLL files and checking the computers clock was right :S

Anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?


reinstall it

nope, doesn’t work - get error message 80072efd

I had the same problem two days ago as well. MSN wouldn’t let me log in and I was sure my internet connection wasn’t the problem. I closed the process and even restarted my pc, but it didn’t work. Then I reinstalled it, but it still wouldn’t work. What worked for me then was switching the default “appear as offline” used to sign in, to “away” and suddenly I was logged on. Weird.

Info about the error and possible solutions (aah, the wonders of Google…).

pleh… no luck :frowning:

I’ve already googled it a thousand times, been on that page you recomended at least 5 times and done everything else I can find. And turning to away or any other setting didnt work either. might try downgrade to earlier versions if I cant fix tonight. Cheers so far people, much appreciated :slight_smile:

maybe use another agent of MSN.
Search trillian on google. That works great!

and if you are not in the mood of downloading, search msn web messenger.

Happens once in a while, you have to remember it’s a microsoft product. It’s bound to have a day where it will decide to frustrate you.

Doesn’t work at those times. Services like eBuddy won’t work either.
That’s the way Microsoft works. They’ll throw everyone offline without any pre-notice.

If MSN doesn’t work, use Yahoo or a Jabber-based messenger, those will mostly always work when the MSN network is down again.

its not microsoft or msn. my mums msn is working in her room. its really weird :S