MTl Presentation


Can you confirm if the presentation in MTL is this week end or next one

sorry i was not available to follow everything every day for a while

Note: at the CEGEP no one seems to be aware of this presentation
neither the CEGEP operator ect…
The main WEB page of the CEGEP does not have anything about it either !

Anyway let me know

Tanks & Salutations


I confirmed seevral time that the conference was during THIS weekend, on the 15 and 16th of October 2005.

So yes it is.

it is not on the school webpage because it is not related to the school itself. There are some sheet of paper with information on the doors all the way down to the conference room, everyone seems to have found their way in.

I don’t know why people didn’t know about, this morning I arrived at 7ham and asked the guy, he looked through his book and the conference event was written there.

See you tomorrow afternoon