MTV contest

I know that probably all of you have heard of this before, but I just thought I’d make make myself useful:

MTV invites all creative minds to join our 'MTV 2003 Animation Competition’!

As part of MTV’s pro-social campaign, we want you to create a spot no longer than 60 seconds based on your interpretation of the word ‘Tolerance’. Use any techniques and tools available to you, by any means necessary.

Send us your work no later than the 10th of October. There are cool prizes to win from Adobe Systems, and the best contributions will be aired on MTV!
Well, any blender entries then?

I might try it, because it sounds like fun, and good exposure, on the other hand, MTV caters to sell out Billy Pop Star types, and crams it down peoples throats all day with little attention to quality, and I would probably feel weird doing it. But I might.

This sounds like a cool contest that could really make some positive buzz for blender in the media. I think I’ll give it a try, even though I don’t usually go for abstract projects like this (interpreting a theme).

Perhaps someone would be interested in working together via internet to create a project. I think the result could be a lot better than an individual entry, especially with the short timeline. Send me mail @ [email protected] If you’re interested in colaborating.

Good luck to all who enter.

Tolerance, I wonder what that means, tolerance of the tireless repetition of the same old derivative music. :smiley: Just kidding, I know what they mean. :smiley: Good luck to everyone.

this seems like a perfect first project. I’m in.

I sudmitted a few works to MTV a few years ago that were considered ( as stated in a letter of reply from the executives) as unmarketable. Cutting edge, but use this blade.

Good luck to anyone who will enter.

but QWERT, what do you mean (they mean) by unmarketable? Were those entries politically incorrect or what? :-?

I think unmarketable in terms of MTV’s criteria means intelligent, artistic, or both, which means it won’t sell or appeal to the lowest common denominator (the general audience).

I few moths ago, there was a Blender user which made a cartoon paper looking animation, that should be great to use for a Music track. I saw just a little demo, I hope he finished it. :smiley:

One was a black and white video montage showing what people do when they are enjoying music. Closeup of pencil tapping to music on an office desk,fade to slow motion of a rave, fade to woman sitting on a couch with headphones on, eyes closed…etc. The motions faded into each other perfectly, the piece took me 8 months to complete. I sbmitted it, and the response was
…unmarketable, as of yet , but has potential as a concept.
I am not, in any way, taking credit for some of the brand name sneaker
adverts that had a VERY similar style to my original piece, but this a very competitive business to be in…and there are alot of people that would do ANYTHING to get ahead in it.

Sometimes, it has a lot to do with the people you know. It makes easier to open doors when you know someone on the inside.

qwert, any chance we can see the vid? Or has it been here before?

Boo! MTV! BOO! Still, it sounds like a fun project. I dont think id have time to do it tho :-?