Mucus Creature - Dyntopo sculpt

My last character dyntopo sculpt. I started out from a bear creature but I ended up here. :smiley:
Around 2 days of work is spare time.

Hey, you posted it here.
Nice sculpting and very interesting shader!

I like it very much. Good job.

Just one critique; can you make the model less symmetrical.

That’s what is found in your lungs after a cold? Yech!


I’m really liking the detail and the material. Is this cycles or BI? It’s belly button is deep enough to get lost in! Very good job.

Great character! How many polys was he in the end?

This is a really cool concept. I have to start using dynamic topology!

Simple but fun character. I like the shader, looks pretty good and goes along with shape of the model.

Like the material…really nice

Awesome sculpt and concept!

This is slimmy but fine piece of art :slight_smile:

Lol I’m gonna go blow my nose now! Awesome job!


too funny. :smiley: