Mudbox and Topogun on Linux o_O

I just found out that Autodesk Mudbox 2013 and Topogun 2.0 have native Linux releases o_O
Crazy times eh.

Mudbox was developed at Weta and used on their Linux stations some years ago (around King Kong I think), but after Autodesk bought/got the rights to the software, it was suddently for Windows only. And now a Linux release is supposed to be a feature?

but after Autodesk bought/got the rights to the software, it was suddently for Windows only.
It was only commercially available for Windows when Skymatter owned it.

Autodesk Maya and Side Effects Houdini also have native linux releases. This is because big animation companies use linux. This is because it’s lightweight.

Meanwhile, Adobe goes on pretending that linux users refuse to purchase software. Apparently, all of Disney’s software is pirated.

No, Mari was developed inhouse at Weta before it was sold to The Foundry. Mudbox was developed by Andrew Camenisch, a former Weta employee. And Autodesk acquired Skymatter Ltd. in 2007. :slight_smile:

And even though 3D artists often use Linux, texturing artists are often on Mac’s as they want to use Adobe software, hehe… It works both ways. Either use a specific OS for a specific app or a specific app for a specific OS. ;D

Ok, don’t know all the details, just remember being excited about a sculpting tools for Linux, only to find out you couldn’t buy it for the platform it was developed and used on… Just tired of software that run on Linux being treated as exclusive and “high-end” only - like the cheaper Davinci Resolve being for Mac only while the Linux version cost 10x as much, making it a non-option for smaller studios.

Hopefully this news is a sign of Linux being more accepted as a CG platform for everyone and not just the large studios with big budgets. Oh well.

Edit: yeah know about Mari and Weta, but I’m pretty sure Mudbox was also production tested at Weta (on Linux) before general release.

According to Wikipedia, first use was on King Kong so you’re probably right. :smiley: