Muddy spots

I posted this tank a while ago and someone recomended mud spots on it but I am not to sure how to add some mud spots on it. Can yo give me some suggestions.



it reallly depends on how thick,gloopy and how much

start by using cloud texture as a base with little colour and a light brown colour

next add another cloud but increase noise size and make it hardnoise and map it with a much darker brown colour and NOR it

next add a Musgrave texture and put ‘octs’ up as far as it can and put the ‘iScale’ down to 0.5 and map it with a really dark brown colour an NOR it

and there you go

her is one i did earlier

happy rendering

Ok I’ll try it out. Thx

I did exactly what you said and this is what I got. It didn’t turn out like yours is.


i think you need to make the clouds so there umm…whats it called?
ohh the noise size on the cloud texture, make it so theres alot more spots on your tank i can only see 1.

maybe something like that?

you may need to click on it to see it well


i think what our problem is that you left the nor value which too low try amping up both of the nor maps