Muddy way

Hi blender user
This is my first time to post here, i created this project to achieve realism using blender in nature scene, the scene rendered using 1200 samples and without denoising. about 80 minutes in hybrid mode (core i5 and GTX 1050ti). Hope you like it and cnc are welcome

Standing shot

Close up shot



woooooow this is super nice !!!

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This is a good one, it’s just how I would expect to find one. Maybe this one hasn’t been used for a while?

This is really nice, looks very much like a spring shot, good work. My only critisism would be that considering that it has been raining, none of the plants look wet.

Thanks @alf0

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@humanartist :slight_smile:

Yes you’re absolutely right, i have plan to make it, my goal is to achieve realistic material and lighting, in archviz wet plant is no needed, but in this scene maybe i have to make it, thanks for your advice