Muffin Project Re-Launch?

For those that didn’t know, the Muffin Project has been on a halt for about 5 months now.

But in the last weeks I’ve been working in the backstage on re-launching the Muffin Project, but this time in a more “Open Source” style. With more empowerment for the contributors and the work divided in teams.

The question is: Are there still people interested in the project? or I’m just loosing time with it ?

im sure that there are a lot of people interested, including me.

you need to organize it this time. write down who does what…what needs to be done…so on…


Hell yeah! Count me in.

Yeh, but this time people have actually got to do somthing and not talk about what theyre gonna do. oh and btw. I still got that tray blend if u want it…

I could do some modeling for the project. Just tell me what to do.


All those interested in collaborate, please send me a private message with your real name and the desired password for the Project’s FTP server.

About the password, please don’t use the same you have at elYsiun.

I’m still here. Just need to know what to do.

yep, im right here too! check your inbox.

i might not have a TON of time, because i have high school :frowning: :wink:

sent u a pm, i should have at least an hour everyday AT school, let alone a few hours at home!

ARGHHH!!! DAMM F** #@!)&## ROUTER !!!

I’m still on the phone line with the ISP trying to open the port 21 for incoming trafic.

The FTP accounts are created and ready, just waiting for the router thing to clear.

While I clean up the mess with my ISP (if it ever gets cleared, I’m already pulling out my hair couse this), Scottland donated hosting space on his server. Go to and register yourself over there. I would strongly advise to use a different password from the one you sent by PM.

More details about the Scottland’s Muffin Server at

I’d love to help with this project, I should have a couple hours a day to blend so I could dedicate awhile to this project if you need it.

Well… The Muffin Project is Officially Re-Launched !!!

Thanks to all the people that has shown support and interest on the project, both in the thread and by PM.

Many has asked: ¨Is there anything that you want me to do/model? ¨

The answer is that I’m cleaning up some of the old .blend files, both completing things that were missing and making sure that they fallow the .blend submitting guildelines (posted on the file page). That way you can start working with a good foundation.

Later today I’ll upload the revised kitchen room and post a few notes about team organization.

BTW, to keep things nice and easy, let’s move the discussion back into the original << Muffin Project >> thread (the one that is sticky)… i.e. don’t replay on this thread anymore.

If one of the moderators could close this thread it would be even better.

See you all in the official Muffin Project Thread.