Mug of Blood, anyone?

This was a study in UV mapping. Lesson #2 in the “Blender in <some undefined number> Days with meestaplu!” lecture series (PLU 101, No audit, no P/D/F, Cls#101110, MWF…)
The coffee turned out horribly, so I got frustrated and turned it into blood.
I like the juxtaposition though; an innocent mug with a “seaside cottage” landscape on it filled with BLOOD!
meestaplu couldn’t keep his fingers away from ctrl-X and then ctrl-w shortly thereafter.
It was so bad, we didn’t bother with the world or the plane.
So here it is. The crappy mug. I really do want to make this look decent.

Nice mug, good materials, except the blood. To get bether looking blood, I think you have to add more specularity. Also set the material color to a darker red(I think).


The blood looks like watered down tomato soup, with some work and a few veggies, it may pass for tomato soup :wink:

But, I link the handle looks real, well dont there. I think the front and back rim - top - of the mug are over exposed. It makes it look as if the rim isn’t beveled all the way around but rathe is flattened. Maybe turn the lights down a tad or use more less powerful lights. Another thing which looks strange to me is the bottom of the cup where it meets the table, it looks like a dark line. this may improve if you put a texture on the table. keep at it!

If you want to convey the look of blood then here are some tips:
Blood is thick, and leaves a dark stain on white matterials, so it would be good to put a stainish texture around the bloodline. Also, the bumpmapping doesn’t look good at all… reall blood wouldn’t do that. Blood is very shinny, yours is dull and matt. Lastly, blood does that thing where it is attracted to the edges of the cup, like water in a test tube… ( I don’t remember what thats called). The red needs to be very dark, almost blackish… but not ( I know, thats a bit vauge)

Anyways, Good image overall, a little tweaking and it could be great.

The blood looks like watered down tomato soup, with some work and a few veggies, it may pass for tomato soup

i’m never eating tomato soup again

i like the mug, but the “blood” looks more like red paint.

vampires won’t even touch that blood, u need to work on it.

good pic overall


I think its you mean adhesie, or something like that. And yes, blood is thick, so you can shake the mug you like, no ‘waves’ will appear, so dont use bump maps.


well that’s a combination i’d like to see more often… sweet seaside pictures and blood, it’s like chucky!

you need a meniscus

To all those people who pointed out I need a meniscus (that’s what the water in the test tube thing is):
THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU SO MuCH! (no sarcasm)
There actually is a meniscus, but I agree with you guys 100% - it’s too small to be noticeable!
Thanks for all your comments :o)

Is that the Blender logo in the blood?

Cool picture :smiley: :smiley:

O_O Oh my god! It DOES look like the Blender logo! AHH! It’s a manifestation of innate attraction to BLENDER! PH34R!
Ha, just kidding :slight_smile: Nice idea though, but I think if I tried to pull it off, I’d DIE.