Just for fun…
(bigger image here)

Ha. Good job. What of this is from Blender? The labels look like they were added in.
Oh, and there’s no C in NYPD.

thats really, really nice!
I like it :slight_smile:

All of it is in blender. I imported paths for the sign. Admittedly, the sign looks kinda flat now that I look at it – thanks for the comment, I’ll fix it maybe tomorrow. I borrowed the C from looking at old mugshots like this: , though it probably looks like a mistake to non-police types. Maybe I’ll change that too.

Heh. “Finished” Schminished. I took your advice padfoot. Thanks!

Still not happy with the sign, though. Can’t get the shading right on it. Anyway, did some other changes to make it look a little funnier, and decided that the boring black eyes is the way to go.

Oh, And I was getting some kind of blue AO gunk around the eyes and in crevices. I fixed that.