Muiltiple composit node and image reassembly

I want to comp something in Nuke. The denoiser is awesome but it only applies to the beauty pass, not the individual AOV like direct diffuse, indirect diffuse etc. So I thought I could denoise all passes separately and merge them back into a single file like the original. I couldn’t find a way to assemble them back together so I thought I could make a composite for each, which would be a horrible workflow as I would have to manage a lot of files instead of one EXR. But when I run it, it only export one of the composit nodes. So, two questions here: Can I rebuild the EXR after denoising the AOVs or can I render multiple composite nodes? I wish there was a node like in Nuke where you can assemble any channels in any order you want (shuffle copy).

Use the ‘FileOutput’ node, and save as .exr

On the Sidebar > Item, with the FileOutput node selected, add the inputs you need.

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yes, yes and yes.

there is a file output node, you can place it anywhere in your compositing setup and save any pass as seperate EXR and place.

Ofcourse you can assemble any channels in any order that you want. If there wasn’t an option like that there would be no point in saving those passes in RAM anyway.

All you really need is some Mix nodes. Mix nodes have several blending options.
The formula is atucally simple. (add Direct to Indirect ) and then multiply it with color(albedo).

image .

Combine only allows me to to it on RGBA, not all the AOVs. I need a multilayer EXR but looks like file output will do just that. Thanks guys!

it works really the same because those values are not clamped, so they can contain lighting information above pure white and negative (below 0).

Oh! Just found this: