Mujer Virtual - Virtual Woman

This is a WIP of Mujer Virtual, I am trying to achieve a photorealistic look.
I am not completely happy with the skin right now, It has to be tweaked a
little more.
What do yoy think about she?

and the Low Res wire:

She is really pretty! Show us other angles! :smiley:

thighs are too long…

nice ass though :wink:

What do you think about the skin?
Tonight i will post other angles, and maybe shrink the legs.

I think your work on the skin is excellent. It really helps take a low poly model to a whole new level.

Now if the model were to math the material in subtelty you would have a real winner on your hands. I look forward to seeing other views of this beauty, and I do hope you devcide to share the secret of this skin with us all someday.


The skin is very good, is it procedural ?

Yes, its procedural, later I’ll show you how I made it.

Here is an updated render of the body ( I have to finish the arms…)
and tweak the vertexs in different areas (for example, the breast)