mulitple shapkeys with the action actuaor in the bge

hi all, im currently working on a tight deadline for my university project and i would be
very happy if somebody could help me shining some light on my problem. im using blender 2.6 and im controlling multiple shapkeys of a face (maybe 60 keys or so) within the logic editor using the action actuator and the corresponding properties . now everything works fine when i controll just one shapkey but when i controll a following shapekey the
animation doesnt add on the old one it resets the previous one to framezero it looks like…
its relativey crucial to my project since i need to mix shapkeys like i,e lets say :
a shapekey : smile , with a shapekey eyesopen. is there a way to mix the shapes in blender
using the action actuator ? i found only the “layers” option inside the actuators but it only
provides 7 layers max and i dont know what it does exactly anyway . please if anybody
has run into the same problem and knows of a quick fix or if its maybe a bug in 2.6 ? bge ?
cheers, e

somebody has a direction for me ?

You could use a driver for each shape key and then just animate the bone driver. It’s a long time I did this and it was with 2.49. So can’t you tell more in detail. I have to look it up first with the drivers.

i also just ran into this problem last night

Ok on the object where you have the shape key you need to go into Ipo shape Editor and go into properties (N key) there you can add a driver.

Just add a seperate bone for every shape key and add the name to individual drivers.

After that you can animate the bone.

hi, you think i would be able to add on my previous applied shapkeys in 2.6 like that ? cheers , eugen

hi . ok cool . that sounds like an option . but does that work in the bge in 2.6 and does it update my the previous shapedeformations from other keys/bones instead of resetting it ?
what actuator would i use then ? would u by chance have an example ?

it just doesnt seem to work . i have no clue how to setup the the logicbrick … i thouhgt its just as easy as driving an action with a propert
but it just doesnt do it .

its very frustrating … did u find a workaround by chance ?

hi , i will definitly play it ! thank you! . … what would really help me is if you could show me how this attached simple example from 2.49 would work in 2.6 … in the 2.49 file i can drive the shapkeys indivdually without bones and mix them together .which would be great because my facemodel doesnt have bones either but alot of shapekeys . if u cant use this
id be very happy about an example mixing shapekeys without bones inside the BGE via action actuators.

drivers_BV2.6.blend (264 KB)

Ok I made you a simple example. Hope it helps.

Ah perhaps you could also use the shape actuator. So you would not need any bones.

hi, thank you ! and if i repeat the step with a second deformation it will not override the first one upon playing it in the bge ?

the shape actuator no longer exist in 2.6 … my problem is that my shapes get resettet everytime i use a new shapekey .

hi, would it be possible for you to make this example of yours with 2 shapekeys driven simultaneousy and also tell me how
i can add a 2nd bone to my armature … sorry for my stupid questions but i still think its not possible to drive the shapekeys simultaneously …

the shape actuator no longer exist in 2.6
You just need to use the action actuator. They combined it.

Ok in the DopeSheet you need to change to the ShapeKeyEditor. After that you can add a new KeyAction and start adding keys.
The action you want you need to add the name to the action actuator.

multipleShapeKeyActions2_new.blend (363 KB)

HI, thank you for your example but i cannot controll them seperately! they all run at the same time from one timeline . if u want to combine them they start resetting again.
like in my example. have i forgotten something ?? how can i drive them seperately and
combine with keysboardkeys … that is my question which drives me nuts .


multipleShapeKeyActions3_new.blend (363 KB)

how can i drive them seperately and
combine with keysboardkeys

There is one thread about running multiple actions together. But I am not sure if you get problems with the shape keys. But I cannot find it right now.

but will i manage to do this with bonedrivers at least?. cheeers, e

It’s the same you need to mix actions. But I never did that so I am not an expert in this.