Multi-axis translation, extruding

Hello :slight_smile: I am migrating from Max to Blender and have a question about transforming.

How do I move an object along 2 axis? xy, xz, or yz? In max, the gizmo had a box in its UI to indicate where to pull from in order to move along those to axis. Seen below:

Additionally, I am looking for a way to extrude edges along those 2 axis easily, as seen below from Max:

I ask because what I have learned to do in Blender so far is select an edge, hit E for Extrude, then move my mouse to draw out a face. Then I click to reset the extruded edge, and then I pull it along individual Axis, one axis at a time. This feels really cumbersome to me (versus what you see in the above GIF) so I am hoping there are other solutions out there.

If anyone has any suggestions for me about how I may achieve a workflow with similar efficiency I’d love to hear about it. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

If you press shift and an axis it locks it. For example if you hit shift x then it will not affect the movement along the x, just the y and z.

Thanks for the hasty response, FlyingBanana. Is there anyway I can do this without shortcut keys?

Also, if Shift-Y locks the Y axis out from translating, why wouldn’t Blender show that as a shortcut when I search for it? Did I search in the correct space? (I am using Max controls inside of blender and wanted to see what the action was called so I could remap it with the Max preset.)


No problem with the response, am waiting on a video composite to finish before bed. For that I am not quite positive. Only other 3d software experience I have had was Lightwave before there was a version number associated with it. :slight_smile: So Blender is the only controls that I have known otherwise. After a while the shortcut keys became second nature to me and I hardly realize any slowdown in the process. However that being said I am not sure if 2.8 is planning on implementing better keymapping controls for the maya,LW,Max users. Maybe someone else will chime in here on better setting up max style navigation in blender.

Blender 2.8 has the same kind of handles for transforming on two axes. Although the Extrude gizmo does not have that currently.

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