Multi bone IK chain not working with Pole Target[solved]

Is it possible to use pole targets with IK chains of more than 2 bones (like tentacles)? I am currently experimenting with such a setup, and adding Pole Target causes entire chain (except one joint at the base) to lock up in rigid state

hello, maybe share this part of your armature:

Okay, if I’ll encounter more problems, I’ll share the file. For now, I seemingly found a workaround. If I bend the chain slightly in Edit mode, so it isnt completely straight, it helps to “unstuck” it IDK why I even need to use this hack, because Pole Target is already supposed to do similar thing (point to what plane IK is calculated on), but at least it works as expected now

yes you always need to bend the limb a bit so that Blender knows how to bend

Another problem: when I “brute force” the IK resolution as described above, the entire chain flips around when pole target is moved, instead of bending in another direction. Not fitting behavior for hair or tentacles. Perhaps its beyond the IK capabilities, but is there any way to change it? how it is currently and how I would like it to behave

I don’t know if there’s a way to solve that, maybe you should create 2 IKs (one on the middle of the tentacle) so that you control your whole tentacle with 2 controllers (or use another rigging method like Spline IK?)?

Yes, Spline IK with Hook - controlled spline vertices it is. Thanks!