Multi-channel signed distance field in Blender

I found this really exciting site today:
It allows storing monochrome textures at an extremely low resolution while still retaining perfectly sharp edges and corners at any magnification, as you can see on the left below. (On the right is a normal signed distance field which does not retain corners.)

MSDF Regular signed distance field

So, I tried to get such a texture to render in Blender, and it turns out that it’s really easy.
You can see my test below, with that “A” texture in it.

I think this could be really useful for decal textures with hard edges, which don’t get blurry, even when up close.
Msdf.blend (462.0 KB)

Also, I think it would be cool to have an importer for Blender that can generate such textures.


This look very interesting, making and importer should be simple !
Maybe what remain is a simple way to convert some decals to the distance field , using the tool from the github repo look a bit un-intuitive …
Nice catch anyway !