Multi character

Hi all!
I’m a relative noob to Blender, and I’m forcing the learning process a bit by attempting this months contest for the 11 Second Club. The sound byte this month is a dialog btwn 2 characters. I decided to use the Ludwig rig and appended him twice to the project as Ludwig1 and Ludwig2. After importing the sound track into the sequencer, I opened the animation layout and began blocking out the animation.

So here’s the problem. I first started posing Ludwig1 through a couple of keyframes (I keep autokey turned on), and then back up and pose Ludwig2 in reaction to Ludwig1. The problem that I’m encountering is that I can see all of the keys for Ludwig1 in the action editor, but none of the keys for Ludwig2 in the action editor. Ludwig2’s keys are being set and playing through the animation, I just can’t see them to ‘tweak’ them.

I was trying to animate the entire sequence in a single action. I should be able to do that right (seems to be working except for not being able to see the keys)?

Anyone know why I can’t see the other character’s keys?

Thanks for any help you can offer :slight_smile:

Hmm…try placing your mouse over the action editor window and pressing the Home key. It could be they’re just scrolled out of view.

Heheh :slight_smile: Excellent. Thank you Apollos. Didn’t know about the home key. Still learning my way around the software. But… lesson learned. Thanks again for your help

You’re welcome. It’s hard to tell in that action editor. However Home works in any window. :wink: Glad it helped.