Multi Choice dialogs

EDIT: I am working on a rewrite of the scripts, the new version will be easier, faster, and cooler!


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Well, I took a loooooong break from my game Existence, (mostly cause I couldn’t find a bug in the path-finding script see -here-) But I started again! And to kick it off, I wrote a script to easily do multi-choice dialogs!

It is easy once you understand how it works, so here’s how it works:
It reads from an outside .txt file, the name is defined by the file property
The stuff inside of the txt file is what is important.

Basically you give commands through the txt file that the script reads, and does corresponding actions.

For example, lets say you want the conversation to end at a certain line. You edit the txt file, and at the line you want it to end, type end; That’s it! Like this:

Well, I better be going!

Here is an example txt:

Why, Hello!!! - this can be anything
Its a nice day up here. - the same as above

choice; - this tells the script that there is a choice coming up

What is your name, young man? - this is the question before the choices

Joie - choice #1
James - choice #2

choice 1; - this tells the script that if you select choice #1, this dialog happens
>        My name is Joie. - this is the dialog for choice #1
go; - this tells the script to go to the next choice

choice 2; - this is the same as above, but with the second choice
>        Hello, my name is James

I added lines to make it easy to read, because this can be a turn off for beginners, but for the right lines look in the example txt.

There are only 5 commands, and support for 3 choices. The script does all the hard work for you.

Add support for internal files
combine into 1 script instead of 2
I’m sure I will think of others

A big thanks to Andrew-101! I saw his script a loooooong time ago and used it as the base to this one.

I think that’s it, here is an example, this is just the first release, I plan to fix, and extend the usability.

if you need any help, post! It might take getting used to, but it is the easiest way that I found so far!

Download from MediaFire (if it ever loads…), or MEGAUPLOAD

EDIT: I re-uploaded the file with the font. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing!
but you didn’t pack the font texture.

I used my own and it works pretty good, just needs a little ironing.

Thanks for telling me about the texture!

Thanks Ex :~)

Great contribution, thanks Ex.

I can use this.

Hey guys.

I am updating this (a complete rewrite) to use the formatting of an external dialog tree maker. I will have it ready in a few days, its mostly just bug fixes.

If your interested the program is here -

Oh, and its way easier that my old one!

Looks awesome! :smiley:

Heya, I’m not sure if you are still working on this script but I have a couple questions; I downloaded the file and I’m using Linux, will it still work or no? I’m recently new to Linux so I’m not too sure about compatibility.

Also, is there any kind of graphical user interface that your script uses, or do you have to implement the script yourself in that manner?

I’m working on an RPG - Platformer and I’m starting on the dialogue system so that the player may interact with NPCs. So all I need to know is exactly where and how do you implement the script into your intended game?

Eventually I will be modifying the script to accomidate a salesperson NPC but that won’t be until after I understand how this script will work. I have limited Python coding experience, but have resources that I can put towards this salesperson NPC.

Thanks for any help if you are still active in this thread (probably not)


Hello. I’m having trouble getting it to work in the latest 2.5 builds. Does it work with 2.5?

It seems pretty interesting! I really like it!

um. can i ask how to use it? I don’t understand. sorry.

please explain the “TODO”?