multi-colored particle hair using a texture?

I’m looking for a way to make multi-colored particle hair with out having to split a mesh into multiple objects with different materials and colors.

Does any one know if there is a way to do it using a texture for color info? Or maybe by using vertex or texture paint or some other way?

try the script called fiber - you’ll find it in the python section here on elysiun

Thanks solmax.
I want to simulate realistic, dense fur for a close-up of a tiger.
I’d kind of shied away from Fiber and Beast because of the potentialy high poly count, but I’ll try these again and see if one will work.

Maybe I just have to learn how to use them right.

well no way around the high poly count. good luck, and let us see what you do :slight_smile:

The functionality you’re looking for (Multicolored blend texturing) isn’t in the latest release of Fiber (2.03). I’m working on updating the script to version 3.0, and this will be one of the main new features. Things are really commong along, especially with the help of eeshlo. And I would agree that polygonal hair (maybe uv-mapped with a soft alpha map for a soft appearance) is much more realistic than particle hair, and also easier to work with as long as your computer doesn’t grind to a halt.

Maybe what you want to do is use Fiber 2.03 and then vertex-paint the resulting fibers to acheive the pattern you want.

Now that is an idea I hadn’t thought of. hmmm, I need to revisit some of my projects.

Create vertex groups for each and apply a color to each group. i dont know what model ur doing but it might work.

Or try LSCM unwrap and paint the texure u want then just turn on particles