Multi Computer Rendering Question

I was just wondering, if I were to use two PCs for rendering instead of two graphics cards in one PC, can I use a 4GB GTX graphics card on my main PC and then have it work with a Quadro graphics card with less memory on my second computer for rendering animations? Will I still be able to use the 4GB of memory on my GTX and is that a smart move? If not, do you have any better suggestions for faster render times?

Thanks in advance guys, I appreciate it

Hi, VRAM is not added, if a scene need 3 GB and your Quadro have less you cant render.
If you have a good CPU you donĀ“t profit from a second PC, put both in one system.
It save power, no network latency.
Quadro cards are slow, it even not make sense to use it for rendering but Quadro K6000 or big Tesla are fast enough.

Cheers, mib.