Multi-cultural forum!

Since I know this forum is Multi-cultural, lets state the country we’re inhabiting. who doesn’t like the diversity of nationalities where we get to interact together?
Let me start: i live in Montreal, Canada.
I speak English and French both fluently.
P.S If this thread doesn’t progress, lock it moderators.
Edit:Isn’t the title corny? Sorry.

I live in LA(more accurately Fontana) California, USA. I speak english, but Id like to learn french. Im of dutch/middle eastern decent, though its so many generations back that all Ive got left is the physical features.

Wichita Kansas, and it’s not nowheresville like some want to believe.

New Zealand, Fiji-Indian . . . Bula all.

North of North York, West of Markham, East of Vaughn, South of Barrie, Near Thornhill, An hour and half from Blue Mountain,
Ontario ( Yours to Discover )

Speaking of multi-culturalism… I’m of East Indian descent, speak 3 languages including English.

Connecticut, New England, USA. On my mother’s side I’m Italian/Scottish, my father’s family has been in North America for so long it’s hard to say. French fur traders are suspected to be in the line somewhere, and possibly a tiny bit of native American.

I speak a cross between English, US English, a stuff Aussies make up.

I live in Minnesota America. Pretty boring, and cold. I only speak English, but want to learn some other language. I am basically Norwegian and German, but also part Native American.

I live in Mountain View, California. I am scottish/swiss and chinese. I speak English, but I know quite a bit of German, and am learning Spanish. Lately, just by working with people who speak Polish, I am learning some of that too. I’m fairly good with languages, and can fake my way through reading a few more (French, Dutch).

Tallinn, Estonia, The EU.
speak Estonian, English, and can manage Finnish to some extent(mostly reading&listening).