Multi Exporter

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Got it! Thank you so much!

Hello! I just bought this addon and I tried using it for the first time, but I had an error. Could you please take a look? I am using Blender 2.81, so maybe that is the reason, but here is a screenshot anyway.

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ME Adapted to 2.81 blender


Hey ! Your plugin is wonderful, helping me so much in exporting a batch of meshes. Thanks a lot!
I’m having a few problems with meshes with modifiers tho. I have some with simple deformers and sometime they get exported with inverted normals.
I also have problems with the location, the simpler meshes gets put to 0,0 when I clear location (and I think that’s fine, working as intended) while the ones with deformers stays where they are.

I’ll add a simple scene with sample meshes that aren’t getting exported correctly:

Not working for me in blender 2.82 :sob:

Describe the problem in a personal message so that I can understand what the error is. My addon works(I checked on the latest Blender build of the day from the site)

Ops, then I will investigate what is not working in my side…

I can’t activate the addon:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/toni/blender-2.82-9b74e648c512-linux-glibc217-x86_64/2.82/scripts/modules/", line 384, in enable
  File "/home/toni/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons/Multi_Exporter_B2_8/", line 472, in register
  File "/home/toni/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons/Multi_Exporter_B2_8/", line 62, in path_presets
    path_me = path_user + 'ME\\' # # ...\\Blender\\2.80\\scripts\\presets\\operator\\ME\\
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'str'

Using Ubuntu 18.04.

For a long time I have not tested the add-on under 2.82 in the Linux system.
I will do it soon.

I was curious if it was at all possible to make it so that when you have the naming scheme set to “Object” if it would automatically change the name when you switch to a new object? Right now if you click on one mesh and export that, then click another mesh and go to export it it will still have the name from the first mesh. If you toggle the “Object” button it updates but that’s a little silly to do every time.

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Hello! Yes, it also gives me some inconvenience. And I intend to fix it in the future.

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Does the importer work properly on imported camera data?
For now the FBX import on animated camera data into Blender is broken (camera is flipped and scaled negative).

It’s a known issue, but no fix in sight. For exports from e.g. Nuke or Fusion (e.g. tracking) this behavior is very annoying :wink:

Update “Multi Exporter” V 0.2.2

  • Bug Fix

  • Works correctly in the Linux system (tested under Ubuntu)

  • Added experimental function of multi selection of import files (maximum file list length 32 lines)
    To select multiple files, use (Shift)

  • Now the name of the active selected object is automatically assigned to the export file (if the ‘Object’ button is active)

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‘ME’ uses the standard Blender import settings.

Hi all!
Update Multi_Exporter (0, 2, 3)!
(WIP) New export format * dae - Collada


The add-on it is being really helpful to quickly exporting meshes in obj to work them in other apps as part of my workflow, I recommend it to anyone visiting this post :slight_smile:

Any chance of supporting gltf?


Yes i will add this extension

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Awesome! That makes me really happy :grin:

Is it possible to name by parent? Or name by collection? Will the objects be attached or remain separate?

Describe in more detail your task. It is possible by personal message