Multi floor building method

Hello guys I am trying to build a multi floor building
(like schools and hospitals) using different methods and I just don’t know which one is the best way to build it…

Please note that I do care the interiors scene (Inside of the building) I've already googled and watched youtube videos but unluckily I couldn't find helpful video which match to my case (yes ... I found some videos that care only the exteriors of the building or that also care the interior but ! only one floor...)

The methods I am trying are the 3 followings

1.Method of Starting from the final silhouette (dimension)
I make a cube and resize it to a cuboid
and I horizontally loop cut it
which are going to be the multi floor

to get the final result I just need to
add details inside the cube

(I think … it is the hardest method)

2.Method of starting from the bottom

I make a cube or a plan and resize it to match the
size of the building and it is going to be the bottom part
of the building

to get the final result I just need to build floor by floor
from the bottom to the top of the building

3.Method of unifying at the end

It is similar to method 2 but I don’t build from bottom to top
I build one floor separately one by one
and at the end I unify them (maybe ctrl j or boolean union)
and I personally think this one is the easiest one

I am thinking to focus and spend my time on one of the three methods but just can’t choose one, so I want to hear your opinion. Also please feel free to suggest me another better methods

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So you know how to do it in three different ways… and why do you think you can’t combine them as it may fit the best ? There may be a situation where it is nicer to build a part in another way so why choose only one (you already know them all). Don’t bother about best ways just be creative and from time to time think about maybe do it easier…

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You are right, I shouldn’t put myself into a cage but I was worried if I was choosing the hardest ways
the ones what skilled people would never chose

Wow these looks awesome thank you so much for sharing !
Indeed fantastic tools but it kinda looks tricky and cheating hehe…
(it might not going to raise up my personal skill T_T)


wow your
Aug 25, 2020; 11:23am
post looks helpful to me thanks again for sharing those tips

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