Multi GPU mixed configuration (e.g. multi RTX 2080Ti NVLink + RTX 3090)

I wonder if a configuration with multi RTX 2080Ti (NVLinked) + one RTX 3090 would work and give 22 GB memory for Blender (+ 2GB RTX 3090 extra for viewport/desktop). Could someone confirm if similar setup works?

I think that you need two cards of the same type to have NVLink work with them. See here…

Typically only boards of the same type will mate together due to their physical and logical design.


Thanks. Perhaps I did not make myself clear: I have 6x 2080Ti connected with 3x NVLink bridges and this setup works ok in Linux - something like a 3x 22GB cards.
I have one PCIe slot free and I think about adding 1x RTX 3090 card to have:

  • 22GB for Cycles in Blender
  • eventually 2GB extra for desktop and OpenGL Blender viewport from 3090 (which would be connected to display)
  • more power of course

Oh, yeah, that should work fine. If you connect your monitors to the 3090, you will loose some vram and processing power to the OS. But this is the 3090, so it shouldn’t be very much. I’m not sure how the NVLinked cards will work with the 3090 in cycles if you select them all to render with? The vram might be limited to the smaller system (the 22GB in this case).

I have only ever used two cards in my system, one to render with and the other for running the displays. When I have a smaller scene to render and I want more speed I will add both of them to render with, but I do loose vram (8GB 2070 and a 4GB 980).