Multi image/layer UV Mapping

Forgive me if this has been dealed with before (if it has can you please point me in the right direction).

I am new to UV mapping and run into the same problem that a lot of people seem to be haveing: currently AFAIK, Blender doesn’t have build in UV unwrapping.

Now I know there are Python scripts out there that can unwrapp UV’s but what about anouther way of deailing with UV’s altogether…

They way I would like to work with UV’s is as follows:

  • Create colour texture - flat images as I want it flattend - using Gimp (yeah baby!)
  • From colour map, create bump map, spec map, alpha map, map etc… as images.
  • UV map colour image to mesh just like it does not - EXCEPT:
    In the image window, have buttons for alpha, spec, col, nor etc and on each of those have the ability to assign the relevent images to that effect.

Thus the image points mapped to the flat colour image and translated directly to the spec, nor, alpha images directly, then the renderer has all the info it needs to do its job.

So - people - is this already implemented?


Blender has UV unwraping, in face mode press UKEY to get the menu. Not as many choices as one might like, but they are adequate. CVS builds has some more that add quite a bit of functionality to automated unwrapping.

As far as using different UV mapped images for different channels, this is done easily, just use a differrent Texture channel in your material for each image type and setup the Map To parameters on the material for those channels. Checkout the some tutorials on blender’s Materials and Textures if this doesn’t make sense to you. There a sticky topic towards the top of this forum with links.

You only have one UV mapping though, so all the images have to use the one mapping.

So - people - is this already implemented?

Yes. Do the UV map then load the same image as a texture. Instead of mapping it to the default ‘Orco’ change it to ‘UV’. Then you can use the image texture in multiple channels for spec, bump etc…


Ahh, both of ya - thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

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This message is for Blender users and for Gimp or Photoshop users or any another painting program.

When we go to paint an object we apply many maps of textures.

The maps are of color, specular, bump, normal, etc…

But when I open a mesh, for example a head, and I decide to paint this mesh with some program (I use the Gimp), it´s necessary to paint all the layers at the same time.

Let us say that I have the opened mesh already (unwrap) and go to paint it.

I choose the texture of smooth skin for an area of the face.

But this texture has 3 versions, Color, Specular, Normal.

Then I have 3 layers in the Gimp to work.

1º - Color

2º - Specular

3º - Normal.

When I paint the first layer of the color, I would have to be also painting the other layers in agreement the map Specular and Normal.

If to make first one and later the other they never goes to incase pra correctly that the mapping is 100%.

The Deep Painter 3D already makes this right-hander in all the layers.

But besides being a total commercial software it has a format proprietor to store multiplas layers of texture of the object and he does not have none plugin to blender.

And I believe that never it goes to have.

How I make then?

Do you know some program that is similar to the Deep Painter? and Free/GNU?

Do you know as we can in the Gimp or another program paint many layers with specific textures in the same time?

Do you know another way to solve this?

Just save each layer from gimp to a separate file (keep the original xcf file incase you want to make changes).


Hey there.

Right Hemisphere recently releaseed their Deep Paint 2D version for free online.

It looks like a proprietary file format, but if you actually examine the folders it creates when you save a file, the bump, col, and spec channels are actually saved out separately (as PNG) files I think.


Thank you very much.

I will test the Deep Paint 2D and I will post the results.

I belive that the GIMP will be the best soft for 3D if they increase in the next version a tool to paint for multiple layers with multiple textures.