Multi Layer Renders

Ok I think I’m posting this in the right spot. I am trying to do a web comic using blender and GIMP. What I would like to do is render the background to one layer and the characters to another so I can edit them individually I have the object on different layers but I don’t know how to render them or which file type would support that. I appreciate the help thanks.

I prefer the multilayer file type, since it can save many effects, and you can later combine them in the compositor.

yea I saw that but gimp couldnt read it, is there a way to set how it exports or somthing?

Yea I saw that, but gimp couldn’t read the file. Is there a way to set the extention to somthing gimp could read? Gimp can use most image files.

What about TGA, or maybe PNG, depending on the quality you want.

Remember to set the quality to 100. You can use Render Layers to render the objects individually. Go to the Scene tab, and then you’ll see the “Render Layers” subtab. The first bunch of buttons is all of the layers the renderer will use, and then it’s the layer’s name, and the next bunch of buttons is the layers each render layer will use. You can add more layers in the menu, where it reads Render Layer 1.


Thanks for Clearing up what all those buttons did, it looks like exactly what I need, only problem is blender still doesn’t want to render both layers into one layered image file it only does whichever one I have selected. I think PNG will work but it doesn’t look like blender is even rendering more than one layer. If it is, it is combining them into a single layer during the process. AHHHHHH what am I doing wrong!

Thanks for your patience

You welcome;)

In fact, my patience go longer, so I’ve created a short walkthrough about this, and how to set up render layers, and composite multiple layers together. Remember to save each renderlayer on separate locations,then it’s much easier tocombine them later. You can also use Blender for most post-processing, through the compositor.
The picture I used for background was from one of my earlier project:

Good luck, and ask if you don’t get it to work:)

You can find it here:

If you already have an account on Vimeo, it’s possible to download the uploaded video;)

PS: I used Blenders sequence editor for edit the tutorial.

Oh, I almost forgot, remember to turn on the “RGBA” option instead of “RGB”, see attachment below.


Wow, thanks alot, im going to have to play around with this for a while! :slight_smile:

You welcome:)

When u save the multilayered file u can always check if it works by going to the node tab…Than setting an output node_picture…than choose a pic u just rendered and connect output node to the output viewer nodes.

I hope this helps

That was a little unclear explanation:confused:

I think you mean to save the multilayer file, and then set a Input picture node (Add-Input-Image) and connect it to a output node (Add-Output-Viewer or Add-Output-Compositor) and then check weather it works;)

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes u are right. You can view the EXR file in blender :smiley:

Sorry for my bad English.

Not only that, but you can also edit EXR in the compositor, and then save in EXR:D