Multi-Layered texture painting

I am looking for a method, be it in Blender or GIMP, to clone-brush from 2 or more layers at the same time AND when I paint, it will paint the many layers on new layers.


Lets say I have a seamless texture with a Color, Normal and Specular.

Now I want to clone-brush from the color, and when I do this, it also copies the Normal and Specular and place the new cloned brushes on their own layers.

This way I don’t have to make a new bump-map for my new texture. It “automatically” makes my new texture with a Normal and Specular if my clone-texture has these bump-maps already!

Where can I do this, and how?

I want that also. :slight_smile:
In fact even today i’ve been looking to the code (more like a donkey looking at a palace, I confess), in order to figure a way to implement this in the texture paint…

I wonder why this has not already been made for Blender or GIMP long time ago.

It is a very basic feature of texture painting. It is a must-have.

No, it isn’t. It is a real request that would be greatly appreciated, but I do not see it in any of the 2d editors out there. Unless I am wrong, as I have Photoshop at work and I have yet to see the ability there. I think the closest is in Substance Painter, right? Where you can paint onto several multiple channels? That is using something akin to painting on a single greyscale image and piping it to affect the separate bump, roughness, metal or whatever.

You might look at talking to the folks at Armory to see if they can manage it - their code handles images in ways that Ton said was very different than stock Blender.

Why didn’t the developers of Photoshop, GIMP or Blender think of this when they started developing texture painting?

To me it seems ridiculous to first paint the color, then paint all the bump by hand. It would be much easier and faster to just clone and paint through and across layers.

Why is Substance Painter the only software capable of doing this?

Because texture painting is a way of impersonating materials, and Substance Painter deals with Materials (Substance Designer) in layer and node fashion with heavy procedural textures coupled with images that are all piped in together with adjustments under the hood for converting to different aspects.

Sure you can do the painting on one layer, and then you have to also return the image changes through the compositor pipeline and then show it through the renderer - no mean feat, I have been attempting a workflow like that for a long time in Blender.

Bump doesn’t only parallel the color info, and the normal isn’t only based on the color/bump/etc. But each texture has its own story of why it is there, and the painting process is necessary to tell that story.

Substance Painter uses the engine already developed with Substance Designer, and it is a workhorse and then some. I have high hopes for working with Eevee and painting, but I don’t know about the pipeline until I can try using images and adjustment nodes with the Principled Shader before I can say what might be possible - and I am too far behind to know how just yet.