Multi-layered texture problem

Hi all. I’ve got a bit of a problem.
I’ve been attempting to create textures by multi-layering UVs and multiple textures.
The purpose of this is to reduce file sizes of images. (Basically, the ashphelt is one texture and the road lines are another).

Unfortunately, when I overlay the road-line texture onto the road and shrink it to size, the texture repeats, making a mess of lines.

My question is: Is it possible to stop textures repeating in UV mode (aka: single line with surrounding area set to alpha)?

The only alternative I can think of is generating large textures with a lot of empty space (a waste of file size).

Here’s the file
This is the base texture:

This is what happens:

This is the desired result:

(Note: to make the ‘desired result’, I had to use a large texture).

I’ll download right now… well in 30 seconds;)

I gave up. I dont know how you could do that. There might be a setting that I dont know about, but… Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I wasn’t sure if it were possible either. But thanks for trying!
Also I have another issue (with Python this time), check out this link if you want to help (the 10th post)

I know you can do it, but it doesn’t work in the game engine. The options for that are in the texture’s options in the buttons window. This only works for renders though.

i seem to be getting a bunch of errors every time i do something(what version of blender are you using?because this happens when i open old blends).

I assume that you have made vertical white stripe as your overlay. And it looks like that:


where ‘wh’ means white pixels.

try something like this:

aaaaaaaaaaaaa wh aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

where ‘wh’ is your stripe pixel and ‘a’ is alpha transparent pixel.

If you understand what I mean it should solve the problem.

I understand the idea, but that would mean creating a large texture with empty space. I have found an alternative solution, but if anyone solves the problem, I’m still interested.

Moffboffjoe: I’m using 2.48, because 2.49 always seems to lag for me.

I’ve got a new question. Is there any way of repeating a part of a texture?
For example, if there was an image contained two tilable textures (say concrete and grass for example), would there be any way of repeating only the concrete texture in one area (without creating new polygons).

i would use stencil maps for that,try :—tutorial-using-texture-stencils

if that didnt help you there are lots more tutorials about it(theres a good one on the yo frankie website)

I’ve got to keep stencils in mind (I’ve used them before, but not for that purpose).
Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem, the texture is displayed as one texture and a black patch (where the stencil is covering the base texture).

New question, python this time. Is there any way of recording the local x,y and z velocities of an object?
(I need the code to accurately record the impact of a car)
If anyone knows the basic script, could you post it? :slight_smile: