multi layered textures

Alright, im on the verge of busting out something really sick and i need some help with a couple more things but for now, i just want to know how to make “multi layered textures”. i saw “blender game engine - bathroom demo” on youtube and i saw many things that struck my interest, especially the multi layered textures. any example would be great, im already pretty intermediate with UV unwrapping, but not good enough to unwrap complex things like cars and airplanes and stuff like that, but i unwrap quiet a lot, this message may be long but i want you to understand exactly what my problem is and my skill level. Again, any example would be great, i pick up pretty fast i would say, just be detailed and explain yourself.

thank you a bunch in advance :smiley:

What do you mean by multi layered textures? If you mean specular and bump mapping, read these.

i dont really have a specific goal, those to you have suggested are perfect, thank you for the links