Multi-light test.

I made two light tests, with blender + Indigo + Photo shop.

Both of these are made with only two png renders.

The bottom one with the flashlight is amazing.

Here is one more, this one was rendered with three light groups.

And a higher-rez version:

Cool tests!

and no indogo for mac…?!? ahhh… ))-:

means: wonderful light-setups!!

Nope, not as of yet, anyways.

Wonderful. Love it.

What’s you computer’s rig. How long did those take. What’s the IOR setting for the glass monkeys? For the wood material are you using a .jpg or png.

And the lighting. Did you use just emitters for them all?

In fact I liked it so much I tried it myself, Kudos for the inspiration.

Awesome Tests, as usual