Multi-Material Object: Face has which Material?

I have an MultiMaterial object which means I have vertex groups inside a mesh with different materials.
Is there a way in EditMode to select a face and see which material it has?
If I select a face (in face mode) the material buttons do not change accordingly :frowning:
The other way arround it works, If I choose a material (in the Editing Buttons F9) and click select, all faces get selected which have this material. But I need the other way arraound!
So how can I see which material a face has?
(I use Blender 2.45)

Thanks for any help!


In edit mode, select the face, then click on the “?” next to the material index field in the Link and materials panel. The field will update to show which material index the face belongs to.

Best of Luck!

Thanks guys that helped!