Multi-material on 1 object issue. (accidnetally solved it but wanna know how it work)

I’m currently involved with a daily modelling challenge thread and the word of the day was Pen. I’ve learned how to assign 2 material to a object with the Speaker but now I want to set 3 material to this pen; Brass Tip and Cap, Black Rubber grip, and shiny red body. I’ve made the shiny red body as a default material for the whole body. I’ve then assigned the black to the rubber grip and it had worked perfectly so far. Now I’ve done pretty much the same thing, as I did for the grip, on the tip and the cap. Unfortunately the grip material seems to be the same as the tip/cap and I just can’t figure out how to fix it right.

You could see a thin red ring between the grip and the tip, that will be fixed (with scaling to 0 then remove double) once I have the tip/cap Brass and the rubber black.

see this link to understand why I need to try and get this fixed before the day is over,

sorry, Just managed to fix it though I’m not even sure what I did.

There’s a box with the material indexes of the object, to create a new one click new then select your faces and click assign.

You must’ve done that.

Yeah that what I did and it was what confused me cause the material was still linked after I did this. The way I fixed this issue was to randomly push button in the material assign tab of the edit menu. I still need to understand just how the multi-material set-up work so I won’t run into this again. Do anybody knows of a tutorail on this?

Is there any tutorials on multi-material setup? I’m currently looking for it but it would saves me some time if somebody knows of it and post a link here. thanks.