multi media submission request

hello everyone, ive a favor to ask. my final project in my print media class is calling for the students to act as editors of a digital, pdf magazine. the requirements for the 'zine is that it has to be a reflection of ourselves in light of our media influences and has to have multiple submissions from multiple artists/sources. my chosen angle is to portray our concept and exposure to sex in our environment in a satirical way. im about half finished with the zine, which, using my own artwork, is about as far as i can go. most of what i have so far are vector images and cartoony sketches, due to the nature of the class. im reaching out to the blender community because i love blender and i feel that this is by far my best bet for getting a helping hand.

all submissions (if they pertain to the topic) will be cited and credited to the artist. the deadline for submissions will be through monday (late notice, i know…). and if anyone has any spare drawings, renders, sketches, or photos which portray an irony in our exposure to sex, please pm me or email me at [email protected]

thank you everyone.

some concepts for an idea of what ive done so far, mature (or immature) content ahead:

lol i like the style, i may actually submit something if i can find anything in my archives that goes along with the topic

lol, my favcorite is big-cock little-cock. its the most witty, without being rude.


thank you, and yes, in some places im trying to be offensive because im kind of creating a mockery of a mocking magazine. if that makes sense. and again, if anyone were willing to submit anything which might exploit gender irony or anything of this nature id be more than happy to include it. and also it doen’t have to be polished, and i would love anything that wasn’t. crudeness is helpful. any sketch or rough joke you might want to tell would be perfect. thank you.